Craziest Contest - You’re the Analyst and Your Vote Decides ... because somebody is the craziest person on Earth!
The world is full of crazy people. Sure, your Uncle Elmer gets a big laugh when he puts a lampshade on his head or takes a drink from his dribble glass, but his sphere of influence doesn’t extend beyond the city limits. The Craziest Contest attempted to identify the real nutcases on an international scale, drawn from the world of celebrity and politics. People who are really bonkers but probably think that they are geniuses.
The Polls Have Closed, and We Have a Winner!
If you have been following the Craziest Contest from the start, you know that there were 12 rounds of initial competition, followed by 2 semi-final rounds, then a final round where the voting was extended for 4 weeks. In each case, we were working toward an accurate statistical determination of the Craziest Person on Earth. With over 5,000 fans of the contest on Facebook, nearly 3,000 votes were cast. In the end, mentally unstable foreign leaders such as Muammar Gaddafi and Kim Jong Il were proven to be far more sane than some of our current crop of politicians. Several celebrities were added to the mix in our voting process, but people like Charlie Sheen, Donald Trump, and Anthony Wiener never got beyond the double digits. The same story with flash-in-the-pan newsmakers like Harold Camping and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The verdict was clear. Although there has been no political or ideological agenda, our top vote-getter (with over two-thirds of the total vote) has consistently been former Fox News commentator Glenn Beck; however, under the rules of our competition, the ultimate winner of our contest is Congresswoman Michele Bachmann of Minnesota.
Our second place contestant was the aforementioned Glenn Beck, and our third place contestant was windbag commentator Rush Limbaugh; however, when determining the Craziest Person on Earth, there is no second or third place. There is only one winner, and we are pleased to announce that the winner of this title is Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Tea Party favorite, Newsweek cover girl, and winner of the Iowa Straw Poll. Now that we have a winner, we will do our best to follow Ms. Bachmann’s political adventures and insane comments, not to mention her business endeavors with her “husband”, Marcus.
Our Winner: Michele Bachmann
Our Winner: Michele Bachmann
The Winning Credentials: The Congresswoman from Minnesota is a Tea Party favorite with something crazy coming out of her mouth every time it opens. Among other gems, she seems to thinks that slaves came to America for a better life. In her own words, “I just take the Bible for what it is, I guess, and recognize that I am not a scientist, not trained to be a scientist. I’m not a deep thinker on all of this. I wish I was. I wish I was more knowledgeable, but I’m not a scientist.”

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